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Ballet inspired photo shoot

Gaelle Guse

I have always been fascinated by ballet, the extreme flexibility of the dancers, the fluidity and grace of their movements. Victoria, a yoga teacher who started ballet at the age of three, was my model of the day. The idea was to portray her, in a dance-inspired scene. No crazy arabesque, but a way to introduce grace and movement in a portrait photo shoot. And she was a great sports! I like that, beyond the dance, these pictures show different aspects of her personality: athletic, playful, generous, easy going, dedicated.

A poetic interlude

Gaelle Guse

I had the pleasure to photograph a very special guest this past month: my home country, France! 

France-Atlanta, organized by the French Consulate of France in Atlanta, celebrates, each year, the best France has to offer in terms of innovation, arts and culture. 

Capturing these different events, from street performances to jazz concerts, was a very rewarding experience. All of these talented artists appeared very bold and creative! It is not every day that you come across women walking the streets of downtown Atlanta wearing nothing but a black umbrella. 

Looking forward to France-Atlanta 2015!

European bike tour

Gaelle Guse

After going through all the photos I took of my trip to Europe this summer, I realized that I had taken a picture of a bike in each and every city I went to. It was not done on purpose, but thinking about it in retrospect, I feel that bikes have a way  of showing the atmosphere and personality of a city, better than any landmark. So here's my "bike" tour of Europe!

Berlin, Germany

Prague, Czech Republic

Bayonne, France

Black & White

Gaelle Guse

I took these pictures several years ago during a trip to New York. I remember standing on the top of the Empire State Building, blinded by the sun, in a suffocating heat, surrounded by hundreds of cameras. The challenge was being able to take a picture through the wired fence which circles the outside of the whole building, and above all to see what I was shooting. The city was covered with mist created by the intense heat, and I could hardly see the pictures I was taking. After taking pictures of the skyscrapers below, I spotted a pigeon which seemed peaceful, literally on top of the world. I thought it would be interesting to capture the shot from his point of view, as though sitting beside him.


It is only recently that I found these pictures again and turned them into black & white. I thought the black and white gave them a timeless and somehow nostalgic dimension. The city seems gloomy, overwhelmed by a cloudy sky, but the pigeon looks both observant and powerful.


Gaelle Guse

What I like the most about this photo of my niece is that it captures her serious side. Don’t get me wrong, Elsie is full of life, mischievous, joyful and always ready for a good laugh. But ever since she was born, she was also capable of displaying a very solemn expression, as though carefully considering everything around her. This surprisingly mature look is revealed through this photo. When I first took her picture, she didn’t shy away from the camera. When I turned it towards her, she just looked at me with her big blue eyes, with all the openness and seriousness of her 2 year old self. It felt as though she understood how important this new photo adventure was to me, and that she would give it all the attention and concentration it deserved. This was one of the first photos I took of her, and one of the first photos I took with my DSLR. I took some more photos in the following months of her smiling and jumping around, but this one means something special to me. Maybe because, despite all the technical flaws and imperfections, it captures something unique about her. 

The dark side

Gaelle Guse

What I have found most interesting is trying to go beyond the flowers' obvious beauty and showing something different about them.