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Gaelle Guse

What I like the most about this photo of my niece is that it captures her serious side. Don’t get me wrong, Elsie is full of life, mischievous, joyful and always ready for a good laugh. But ever since she was born, she was also capable of displaying a very solemn expression, as though carefully considering everything around her. This surprisingly mature look is revealed through this photo. When I first took her picture, she didn’t shy away from the camera. When I turned it towards her, she just looked at me with her big blue eyes, with all the openness and seriousness of her 2 year old self. It felt as though she understood how important this new photo adventure was to me, and that she would give it all the attention and concentration it deserved. This was one of the first photos I took of her, and one of the first photos I took with my DSLR. I took some more photos in the following months of her smiling and jumping around, but this one means something special to me. Maybe because, despite all the technical flaws and imperfections, it captures something unique about her.